2022 09 02 3

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so. bitterness overload. should put on a record.

right. darkhalo. starfall. shouldnt think of him or mention him or anything bad about him. etc. who cares. hes controlled by japan. if hes even sentient.

so i figured the other day. does mom think my sis is a good person?

then i figured now. miss sis doesnt throw away things. because thats suicidal. so she had lots of things at home. she left when she moved away.

she never threw them away. eventually our parents asked if she wanted them? nope. or maybe "i dont have the space for them".

you can never ever speak the truth. and if you make a lady laugh from it. so what? she will only take advantage of you and thats it.

i was in this state before. got some reassuring words. akin to those old "*hugs*" (allow me to vomit).

"i also hated everything before karma bla bla" (would you like some bloody diarrhea smothered in your face)

maybe my sis and i are equally bad people.

its just that, theres an inherent error in the universe. if you say truths, you get punished. its just how it works.

everything is built around suggestiveness.

so if someone says "super" or why not "absolute" over and over. theyre not bad people? why dont they just have a robot which repeats it over and over to you until you go apeshit?

so. concentration is when you have a demon on each shoulder. thats it.

another thing. a womansfolk is gone from facebook. its easy. flip a switch. i dont see her there. no matter if im logged in or not or "shadow" mode or whatever computer.

so they blame it on me. that shes a stupid fuck? oooooooook.

so life when youre young is shit. when youre old its shit. and when you die its beyond shit?

what the FUCK?

so you either talk like no one cares. or you listen but you dont give a shit about anything?

and then you either say 1 single wrong word which they go bananas on, or you pick out 1 wrong word to ruin them.


hey dad, hows the rebirth? want a big fucking suckerpunch on your right ear? how about both ears? want some absolute vodka? how about it?

so the psychiatry is supposed to turn you into a better person by treating you like shit? what the FUCK?

when the fuck is it ever good?

so if i get punished because i was a bad person in my previous existance.

and miss sis gets awarded because shes inherently evil and nothing else. what the FUCK?

hey tracey, youre great. you actually responded more often than once a season when i was a pathetic retarded junkie like you. woooooooooooeeeeeeeee.

why would you need to do drugs if youre "free from pain and suffering"?

why would anything matter if youre immortal? so you treat effie like shit if im not around?

oh i get it, like pavlovs dogs?

you have never said you needed me or wanted me. and getting over here was a big fucking joke.

and how could you get insulted by me, if again, you are immortal?

what sort of fucking retarded simulation is this?

there is an absolute zero. but no absolute heat. right?

so. i first tried to be intellectual against the greys. big motherfucking mistake. they do more drugs than anyone on planet earth. they are clones. its just so fucking fucked up.

so. this new laptops screen. the greys are blue. and the blacks are green. and. what the fuck?

if youre a bad person youre a bad person and its your fault. why fucking bother others?

and if i delete some shit, why FUCKING care? why do you want *things*?

and why cant you take truth, or aggressive truth? what the fuck is going on?

and obviously, just 1 negative word is enough to throw anyone off the edge.

no, miss dynamo is not dead, and no, i did not make her die. and yes miss sis or mister gook or maybe they just gangbang eachother. shes gotta love that 0.1mm dick in her wide gaping ass, right?

there is nothing to solve. you should never fight anything. you should be naive. and. why?

"liv är att kämpa". why? what is there to win? so if you go through eternal eternal eternities. and then. then what? you have shit tons of power. you have responsbilities.

if the shuddha prajnyana has 1 thought every 3 billion years, that must be fucking BORING. just a universe spanning flatscreen. BOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooOO0o0oo0o0o0o0o00o0o0orRrRrrrrrrRRRrring.

and if your favorite artists look like freaks because they are freaks, what the FUCK?

it sure is easy to act natural when your have nothing inside. and a 10 meter dick couldnt be big enough for you right?

yeah. so i called some chick a butterface and she fucking CHANGED GENDER?????????????????

yeah right.

lots of crocodile tears there huh?

ill of course delete this before.

right. bad mood. why? i tried to sleep in my bed. but if theres just 1 pheromone from miss mom, she will control me. and that doesnt matter either. because the nanochip makes me be in her ego illusion.

right. i should jack off. to be "happy". but its someone else that gets happy.

if life is pain, if you lose pain, you lose life. and youre a fake motherfucker.

so i got pissed off because i tried to fall asleep and didnt jack off?

what sort of stupid shit is this?

yeah. so everyone else is junkying beyond their wildest dreams.

so everyone else follows me in realtime. but i dont believe that.

its mr japan. right. who cares.

anyone can insult for anything anyhow.

god and demons are the same thing. theres black light which summons itself inside of you. i dont really notice what happens.

if its white light. like whispey things. they tell you how you shouldnt act.

i get it. miss sis made the cleverbot so i could learn how to survive.

by not having any personality.

since i am fragile like a crystal. FUCK. how does it matter? ill delete this in a second so noone that is immortal gets........ ???????????