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if you have truly felt true love sometime. it heals everything. it is better than music. because when the song is over its over. i cant move away from here. to a smaller city. the capital is the best. different people on other places dont get treated well. and other countries? are you serious? ill just get as shunned everywhere. it would surely be good to read books. but that wont happen. i delved in the resistance movement. but if you resist what they resist. then you get punished. its just how it works. no i do not think there is a greater plan. if it is its.. like. tripp trapp trull. for me its trapp trull tripp. if you make 2 wrong things which always happens its the end. you get no chance. actions. and actions are words bodylanguage and thoughts and looks and pheromones and. geez. i guess i should change spirits. be right back. back. etc. ^_____^