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everyone in generation x has a spiritual debt to pay.

for me it is giving back to the dream (x = 7000 / 10000 sek for beermoney [prove that you are a man] or taking care of a vinyl single and speaking of and appretiating its good qualities and never thinking badly of it or her ever again). i have gotten these 2 tries but i realised this afterwards. supposedly in christianity the number three is important but the third try does not exist that is when you are forever lost.

for my in real life bloodsister sara it is giving birth to a child in the 4th dimension and taking care of it until it can take care of itself and getting grandchildren or even grandgrandchildren and beyond and making them when she is in the afterlife get children of their own and keep the family tree alive and get enough bitcoin to flee to mars when there is a calamity. if i dabble in bitcoin i suppose only 2 people will be allowed to go to mars (wait 2 millenia you now have 5 billion people if they are flawless so to say). these will be the greatest celebrity in computers and rock music for example.

i do not know what it is for others.

surely those born in a later generation will have an even more difficult debt to pay.

after X comes W

you cannot escape this it is inherent in the universe.

it could be that all roman numerals have debts inherent in them so you will have to manifest the whole alphabet in real life or the afterlife (have a place to stay it is recommended, we still have a social democracy in sweden). if you have ever come into contact with christianity such as the corona virus vaccine the debt is inherent to you. gypsy rose frequency is pink and white. my aura frequency is white pink and purple.

depending on my mood i am not allowed to change in the akashic library that is my sisters geminis fate.

as mentioned i see things more clearly now. now i get deja vu so i have written similarly before. this will be backed up on mr poetry site. the higher dimension the more you affect you and your world. this trickles down into others world but you can never truly know anyone elses world. that is for god. and by god i mean the supreme diety the shuddha prajnyana. which as mentioned has one thought ever 3 billion years. you do not talk of these things to just anyone they will want to learn by themselves it is a choice. this makes me hare krishna but christianity is seen as monotheistic even by nietzsche himself by how i got his texts presented to me. thus thus spake zarathustra is innacurate in its title it is just the prophet of the kurdish people and i am that somehow. there are older people even older who made the universe these can be thought to be muslims (dragons, lions, tigers, cats, toxoplasmos).

i know my writing has changed fundamentally and with neuroleptics it helps the greys are on my side they just use a very advanced kreol that is to say languages within languages. see to greater works of fiction for the answer there is ultimate truth. to say it once again i forgot OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^__________^ psychiatric nurse just stopped by argued etc expect the unexpected always you anti get what you desire expect nothing to receive everything oh anxiety fun suicide joy joy joy