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RE: BIGGEST BUG IN THE HISTORY OF MAN (nongeeky things too!)

I won't bother contacting support about this. Since it must've been reported thousand of times already. (I have zero karma on reddit, so it won't let me post. Oh well, sending to your support.)

It's simple though: the leveling up fireworks animation is bugged. Big time. For the 2 years I've played I'm pretty sure it's always been like that. And with Windows 10 it's gotten worse.

So, just remove the animation. It's not a big deal.

What seems to happen, is that the animation keeps getting animated, over and over again, serverside. Even if you log out. Even if you restart the application. Even, if you restart your computer. It could be the single-most reason you need to upgrade your servers.

So, since I'm guessing you are deeply corrupt. And you care neither for the game, nor its players. This will stay, forever. And it will just get worse. Until people buy a computer for thousands of dollars. So it's big business.

Like writing words on a computer. I swear it worked faster on my 486 in 1994 than it does writing on facebook these days. Words! That's bits and bits of information each second! And now we have 10g connections. And everything is slower than 56k kilobaud modems and windows 3.11. The natural evolution of things, huh?

// With love (for that's all there is)

Tomas Emma Johansson


I'm guessing it sends weird data on some weird port, beyond tcp/ip, ftp or ucp (sp?), which isn't visible in your network info. But it lags the entire world's servers, routers, firewalls, the works. I know it got worse, when they started to upload the game data to everyone's computer. When logging in, it says like: downloading so-and-so gb of game files, instead of downloading when necessary. It's a positive feedback loop on an epic scale. This could be a bug in the frameworks of the internet. Ever noticed if you download the google chrome web-browser, it never lags? But for other downloads, it can like start at 2mbps, only to go down to 100kbps, to 0, in a minute. It might have to do with how powerful the server that hosts it is, but I don't think so.

It could be a bug in the protocols in and of themselves. Or it most probably is by design. I remember before the https protocol, I could queue a 100 downloads with Filehound, on a phone line modem, downloading 5 files at the same time even, and they'd always succeed, without data corruption. For nefarious reasons, google et al has disabled this similar function in their web-browsers, which now rules everything.

(all computers & mobiles operating systems are these days emulations of the chromium shell - even the phoenix rootkit is available to everyone, if you want to know if your "narcissistic" boyfriend is cheating on you, on facebook).

So we'll get "faster" internet connections, when they at the end of the day are just as slow as in the 90's, if not worse. Yes, for Youtube & Netflix it works, but that's about it. It's called TV programing for a reason. By the way, both the TV and the atomic bomb were invented by Albert Einstein - great guy, huh?

Since this is a blogentry and all, I'm going no-holds-barred. Rottschild rules the earth, we are a comedy show to him.

I realized this first, when I was in closed psychiatric care some years ago. You wouldn't believe it, until it happens to you. So I'm sitting in calm manner on my laptop, surfing the net, reading and writing poetry, checking facebook, looking at art, the like.

The one single person I could talk to in the entire hospital then, was a cannibal, I then realized. So she goes over to me, and says "I understand that you're angry". No, I understood though, that they meant business. So I quickly turn off my computer, and follow them.

What then happens is out of your wildest nightmares. I had a half hour before been in a strange meeting. They ask me 4 questions. "Do you want to take this neuroleptica?" in different ways. I say no, every time. The greys can't take no for an answer though. That they're spoiled little brats doesn't even begin to explain it.

I know you've seen them. They don't manifest in dreams though. They're beyond that conciousness level. You might see them at night, in your room, when you least expect it, when it's pitch black. And they scare you more than any human, and nightmare, any monster, ever could.

If you'd manage to 1) have a camera on you and 2) photograph them, you wouldn't want to know what would happen to you. There are movies about it, as you should know. There are horrid eyewitness accounts. Thousands and thousands.

What are they so scared about? Because they are not manifestations of anything. We are. We are in a computer simulation. And when we play computer games, it's how they play us.

The greys are the worst sadists in existance in the universe, clocking in at 4 promille empathy.

They only care if you get aggressive. So they can be aggressive back, in the most perverse ways not imaginable. Like little children: "You hurt me so I'll hurt you!".

They only care if you get aggressive towards them. If you kill someone, they don't care. They'll experiment on you though. Lock you away for life, and beyond.

If you kill yourself, they don't care. If they truly were protectors, this wouldn't be it. It is said, in hinduism, if you kill something holy, you get unlucky for 20 years. That seems pretty bad right? Except, if you kill yourself, you get unlucky for 400 years. Yes, bad.

I see it all clearly now. The greys can manipulate space and time on any level, in a 100 dimensions. They can give you any thought and emotion under the sun, and make you express them. Over and over. MK-Ultra is nothing in comparison. The greys are the reason the nazis came to power. They're just a weak manifestation of them. Them. The Others. As the Cranberries say; "It's the same old theme, since 1918" - Tunguska, read my lips.

The greys are passive aggressiveness in its purest form. They always only give you one choice, oblige them. Or..... get angry, and thus get more punished, and thus, oblige them. You cannot win. They can hunt you down with a firing squad, with military helicopters, with nukes, if it's needed. If you have the conciousness level where you can fly to another planet, they will obliterate you and the entire planet. Because the planet does not exist. Neither do you. You are the ghost in the shell.