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the technology is called the brain, the heart, the gut, the double snake coil like a dna string 50 chakra harmonization in 100 dimensions. when people talk about "levitating" for a few secs when meditating real deeply i just shake my head, there are way more fantastical things available.. connecting to SOURCE downloading entire libraries of congress to your conciousness in a minute, seeing into someone's eyes and experiencing their entire life in a second, and black hole despair turning to divine intervention inspiration of creating for hours, months, decades.. to further mankind. to further the universe, to heal the earth.. and heal ourselves. of all pain and suffering and bitterness and agitation. someone ripped mother nature's heart out with these oil platforms. like someone did to us, at an early age, guys are much more damaged than women - they rebirth every month, but we die but once, from a bad word, from a bad woman, from a bad eye contact - and turn to wrecking balls for our entire life. love is the key, love is the answer.

av Emma Sotz (ris och ros)

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