How would you define a woman

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How would you define a woman



selfish, materialistic, shallow

now, you might have noticed these words used before, mostly for rich white men, or just, men across the board. but were living in a matriarchy, an emasculated society, not the other way around.

im not saying these are instrisically "bad" gender traits either:

selfish - quite simple, they need to think of themselves first and foremost - when theyre carrying their baby, but also later, to be able to give birth to several. there is this universal law, which says that for society to proliferate, or rather, for a society e to survive more than a couple generations, the average woman has to give birth to 2-3 babies. as weve seen in the western world, this is far from whats happening. the average is instead 1 single kid. if you know whats going on in places like italy and japan, youll know that the average age is shockingly high there. so without those "stupid, evil, perverse, violent" immigrants, countries in the western world, would have disappeared by now, thanks to modernization.

materialistic - this goes all the way back to us being hunters and gatherers. while men mostly brought furs, bones and meat into the household, women collected smaller objects. i know many men who only have one pair of jeans and one pair of shoes. while for the average woman, this is completely different. men are utilitarian, while women always want that extra plus of everything.

shallow - in the bird kingdom, its the males who are supposed to impress on the females. not so here. women do anything to attract a man. when was the last time you heard a guy say: "this women was harassing me by using revealing cleavage / bending over to show even more of her tits / had tight jeans / too much makeup"? just doesnt happen. but, women are just as guilty as men on all areas of the human spectrum.


the gender chromosomes - xx / xy

this would say that women are 200% female, and males are 50%. so the whole world is composed of 125% women.

by logic, this should really mean that its men who think with their both brainhalves, but science say its not so. men use their amygdala, logical deduction, math and science to know how to act and understand the world. while women instead use their intuition, heart, emotions, memory and imagination.

the problem with being instinctually materialic, shallow, selfish - and thinking with their "heart", relying on memories of the past, or just going by intuition all the time, goes to show how women treat men, or other women, for that matter.

women are by and large psychopathic entities.

being materialistic im sure i dont have to explain a lot, its one of the first "no-nos" you learn in life. having laziness as a modus operandi, they obviously want men to give them items and money, with which they can live an extravagant lifestyle.

shallowness is strange. thanks to the invention of make-up, liposuction and plastic surgery - you no longer have to put in effort to look good. you can live an extremely hedonistic lifestyle, and still be able to look like a virgin / teen / pornstar - all your life.

while its "masculine" to basically look and sound ugly - a huge collection of wrinkles and a dark destroyed voice, from decades of stimulant abuse, are a big plus after all, in a womans little black book.

on the other hand - a lazy, junkfood gobbling woman, thats never exercised a moment in her life, has more shapes than the average female - which is highly appretiated by men.

i mean, think of the same in male form - a geeky fattass with bitchtits, babyskin and a light voice, thats in his 50s - who could ever want him?