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i'd rather wear these bella tattoos
than experience a dozen divorces
i'd rather be chained to you
than my riches
i'd rather die for love
than be a motherfucker
i'd rather live for the moment
than be stuck in the past
i'd rather be your future
than a distant memory
i'd rather be a zero
than a know it all
i'd rather drop dead
than see you leave me
i'd rather see auras
than the entire xvids
i'd rather manipulate
than be photorealistic
i'd rather take 128 brackets
than post a thousand like snapshot on instagram
i'd rather see you again one last time
than miss your funeral
i'd rather be your love
than plenty of women's fantasy
i'd rather be your dream
than everyone's nightmare
i'd rather spend time with harmony
than revelling in chaos
i'd rather be a freedom fighter
than a president
i'd rather you yell me out
than the silent treatment
i'd rather you doubt our love
than be with someone else
i'd rather be your slave
than everyone's king
i'd rather delete my all my internet accounts
than see myself in the mirror each day
i'd rather be an open diary
than ready to explode
i'd rather be offline
than occular melanoma
i'd rather be for real
than a hidden trauma
i'd rather be futuristic
than anxious
i'd rather be a butterfly
than everyone's peacock
i'd rather count my mistakes
than boldy lie in court
i'd rather be your angel tomas
than a fucking dumbass
i'd rather be on the laptop
than get a lapdance
i'd rather read literature
than watch TV
i'd rather be cyanosis
than fly into the sun
i'd rather be skin and bones
than an mp3 pirate
i'd rather have a sixpack
than a beerbelly
i'd rather be a servant
than a nuclear missile
i'd rather be called terrorist
than a fagget
i'd rather be part of a party
than the center of it
i'd rather think of you
than anyone else
i'd rather my tattoos spoke for me
than be asked what they mean
i'd rather lose everything
than gain someone else's
i'd rather stare into time
than be locked like a statue
i'd rather bide my time
than be a spamming troll
i'd rather do
than dream
i'd rather create universes
than do what i'm told
i'd rather be emphatic
than a dumb clone
i'd rather be optidimensional
than quantum physics
i'd rather be put in a marriage i can't escape from
than in a mental institution
i'd rather trust the universe
than a teacher
i'd rather be a blue flyer
than a suicide bomber
i'd rather be a second hand softie
than leader of a gucci gang
i'd rather be a school massacrer
than a self-serving bully
i'd rather be a 30 year old virgin
than a cop killer
i'd rather be a guinea pig
than a neo-nazi doctor
i'd rather release my masterpiece on the day i die
than be a one hit wonder
i'd rather be seen by one person
than a billion cellphone screens
i'd rather be your sweet heart
than everybody's darling
i'd rather give it all up
than collect my riches
i'd rather be your meaning
than a worldwide message
i'd rather have a fatwa
than a silver spoon
i'd rather be your twin
than a stand up comedian
i'd rather be a fly
than a dragon
i'd rather be a person
than an übermensch
i'd rather be without a rose on valentine's
than everyone else's one night stand
i'd rather be september eleventh
than fourth of july
i'd rather be your dozen kisses
than everyone else's lapdog
i'd rather be your siamese cat
than everyone else's stepping stone
i'd rather be loved by one
than unfaithful with the rest
i'd rather believe in you
than any messenger
i'd rather be your partner in crime
than my brother's colleague
i'd rather be your other half
than everyone else's fantasy
i'd rather be outdoors thinking
than indoors flexing
i'd rather be surprised
than get what i want
i'd rather be content
than aimlessly searching
i'd rather hear your voice
than get a crowd cheering
i'd rather listen to one song of love
than be part of a marketing scheme
i'd rather long for you
than grab what's around
i'd rather grow
than think i'm perfect
i'd rather be a good devil
than a mean angel
i'd rather work with grassroots
than in the marijuana grave
i'd rather hold your hand for a second when i'm down
than have a sultanic haram
i'd rather be your light
than on flickr's homepage
i'd rather be global underground
than the man below earth
i'd rather be your singing bird
than a steel armour
i'd rather have 500 years of pain
than the one who caused it
i'd rather have a heart of lava
than without a spinal cord
i'd rather be down to earth
than a living dragon
i'd rather be a pigeon
than a movie
i'd rather be the second last on earth
than be with someone else
i'd rather give a quarter to the homeless
than a million to a billionare
i'd rather know my fate
than deny the future
i'd rather everything digitalizes
than have a walk in the woods
i'd rather collect a single feather
than have a goose pillow
i'd rather be bored with you
than having a blast outside
i'd rather dance like a dork
than impress a dancefloor
i'd rather be a kraut producer
than avicci
i'd rather collect crododile tears
than cry when you marry someone else
i'd rather be called the n-word
than labeled a dumb blonde
i'd rather be a poor soldier
than a million dollar rapper
i'd rather be your god
than everyone else's shaman
i'd rather be lost without you
than everyone else's drop in the ocean
i'd rather be bella's geek
than everyone else's cool
i'd rather be gabriella therese's
i'd rather write this
i'd rather be yours
than anything or anyone else's
i'd rather not give up
i'd rather you didn't give up
i'd rather fight for it
i'd rather you are who you are
and i am who i am
b l o s s o m i n g
i'd rather work for it
i'd rather take XTC and antidepressants
i'd rather take all shit i've accumulated
that you'll deal peacefully
than anyone else's
i'd rather be yours
than anyone else's
i'd rather be yours
than on paper
or in VALIS' conciousness
Yours Truly
The dirtrolling Babykentaur
Tomas Ove Irace Johansson Hessling Jonsson

av Emma Sotz (ris och ros)

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