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KONSTPAUS e.. Race!?

if you ever touch my clan again i will pk you infinitely you pyramidal homozygot i will tzhaar whip your puny chickenshit legs when you try to twink until they are bronze nubs i will cave goblin bind your arms with kevlar wire when you try to retaliate i will promethium stab you 50 times in the heart as if you ever cared for anyone but your bils i will make you dream about wanting to complete a gender correction twice you bicurious twat i will shoot you in your pathetic excuse for negative centimeter groin so you will never ever be able to incestizide anyone anymore i will love you with a platinum baseball bat molass slow i will drive a crystal stake into every single one of your chakras i will 5gppp youtube premier 1bil subs your brain and make it look like harakiri i will throw you in aqua regia of all thats left of your hemorrhoidal excuse for materialism i will defame you so youll spend 12 million years in limbo i will shift the space time continuum so noone will ever know your religion race nor language existed in any shape nor form i will make you rebirth as a water bear in the core of the dark side of pluto

om du någonsin rör min familj igen så kommer jag använda dina organ för psykatrisk research din äggknullande lilliputiska fitta jag kommer spöa dina springare tills bara märgen finns kvar jag kommer binda dina armar med kevlar tråd när du försöker fly därifrån den miljonte gången jag kommer hugga dig 50 gånger i hjärtat som om du någonsin älskat något förutom en falsk profet jag kommer få dig att dagdrömma om att genomgå dubbel könskorrigering din horiga bag in box