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so. its a good idea to not make rappers annoyed.

well. i make everyone annoyed. why would they be an exception?

then its an even better idea to not make rappers annoyed intentionally.

like. they have this concept called "diss tracks".

where they, uhm.. talk about someone theyre annoyed at.

i figured i could do that. i thought it was pretty good.

now, if i was a womansfolk. it might have worked somehow.

but, since rap is about brotherhood. not sisterhood.

this presented a rapper with a problem.

he cant appretiate that i appretiate him.

cuz that would make him gay. supergay.

uhm. anyway. short poem. its not that great. from 2004 or earlier. when i didnt write poems. sort of.

"orange skin feels dry drenched by the alien sun under the flesh bridge"

its from some old site which is dead dead dead. by now.

i didnt write it. i wrote the "flesh bridge" part. and stated that it wasnt photoshopped in any way whatsoever. it was just a photo. of a warm day. and a particular day. the sun was shining through a small window. and it hit something i saw from my room. so i put my arm there, in a weird position.

(woah, meme culture is bad. it seems i cant write anything now, without seeing it from a "lulz" perspective. this is annoying. i guess i should get high and laugh at everything instead)

anyway. the dude liked it. he liked my other art. when id quit it? years later. i checked up on old comments. which i didnt do then. im more output than input.

anyway. not an amazing poem. the staff once said "people are inspired by you". who? "artists". ok. nice.

uhm. i dont know if that made me start writing poetry.

i didnt really do that. just wrote a lot. and selected some parts which were actual quality.

now, i dont really care for reading things, ive, well.. written. for once, even if its a good poem, i dont feel anything from it.

second of all, if its my "opinions" or just lots of spam.......... how could i bother? it takes forever to read through, and i just realize how dumb i am.

except, i like writing. some people like sex. and drugs.

now, i cant say theyre masters at sex or masters at drugs.

"you never see the unhappy times in the family albums"

wow. so afraid of words. lots of words.

"live by the sword, die by the sword"


i could make this non-public. since i express an actual opinion on things. and thats bad.

but then no one would ever hear it. and id delete it. and that would make it doublestupid.

i do learn a lot from writing. as in, i dont express "opinions".

i could post this on the wiki site. which wont work. since i quit it.

wow. misery. great.

i cant make this with respectable punctuation. since i am beyond no emotions.

weird. my hair isnt happy again. not fun.

anyway. i could listen to non-negative music.

except, i did that before. when nothing else worked.

and now.. i dont want to be a ghost. i dont want to listen to ghost music. musique concrete.

im an intellectual. (sure). if the text is deep, i wont get it. theres mumblerock too.