This poem is about bella and bitterfittor and it is good i like it 2 thumbs straight up

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ok. embarassment spotlight.

or just. disgusting.

i had a lot of pimples as a teen.

my dad bought some


smelling lotion thing

which i used like 2 times ever

which was supposed to make it better.

he never spoke about it. neither did mom.

except when she was a disgusting freak

and said she gets pimples DOWN THERE.

you know what i mean. right.

you dont say


because thats a really

bad swear and then

bad things happen to you

and others you use it against.

one of these was a guy

who was bitter at me.

no idea what that is.

im not bitter. i just like writing a lot.

i dont write "go to hell (so-and-so)" all day long.

i write. and then the shit stops.

most people prefer

their minds to be guttery

and their words to be squeeky clean.

so. anyway.

mr bitter was bitter towards me.

so i just write. BITTERFITTA.

not in caps. just used for effect.

and he blocks me.

then he always posts

after ive posted something

on miss poetry site.

to tell me that i should

create lots of fake accounts

and pretend im something im

not and suck up to him.

because thats all they do there.

most comments (+90% of poems

dont get a comment) are

"fin dikt med mening

(insert boring analysis

of structure akin to

"this poem is about

darkness. it is sad.

i get sad inside when i

read it THUMBS UP LOTS etc

[continue cybering in

private messaging]")".

i got tired of this IRL.

aka phone sex.

not really IRL then.

but pretty close.

you just lose

85% of the message.

and then i met bella.

and everything was alright for 1½ year.

now its gone another 1½ years

and things arent alright anymore.

theyre like before only worse.

now ill enjamb this later

portion for miss poetry site.

things got better. maybe.

by the way.

bellas fitta luktade

inte bitterfittigt.

inte mycket alls.

som saliv. typ.

av Tomas Ove Johansson (ris och ros)

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