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it is not my mission to make you happy

though i am very good at that as well

i am a lightbearer

and light only means wisdom

i am here to teach you something

so if i seemingly


from your life

know that i did not

i might make art or music or

poetry about you some day

or i already did

and you did not care

just remember you have changed me forever

even if you are a junkie beggar on the streets

or an asshole which nobody but his mom cares for

or a billion view artist on youtube know this

i will change you because you will turn wiser

and you might meet a low-quality carbon

copy of me that youll spend the rest of your life with

i am unattainable except for very few which

have reached anywhere near my frequency

just remember

i do not live for

bitterness nor for joy

only truth

because truth will

rebirth the universe

av Sofia Sotz (ris och ros)

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