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Übersentient ultrabeing


realize your true inner calling
and you will rise to the top of the spheres
the sun and the moon
the hate and the empathy
the beauty and the imperfecion
the love at first sight and the blind hatred
the teenie bullied and the airplanecrashing silicone
your love to your next ones
for the worst and the best
because you make them into their true selfs
and noone can escape
the libras wave of
crimefighting and

at the same time
you and i
and everyone else who is (not) on your team
destroy the world mor eeand moree
until we flee to the moon or the sun
250 degree difference and 5 million at the core
night and day autumn and spring
the blind babys love to
all of ours meowmiis tender loving
the ugly neuf:ling who needs all your time
which turns to your best friend EVER
until hes sold on the slave market
at the lowest offering
1299 bucks and fifty cents
you cant put two and two together
like in soviet

maybe thats what makes us the sickest
and still at your most perfect

otherwise we wont be
anything but hella averages

stupidity engaging infinite zeroes
sewer rats which thirst for even more
disgusting cunts and bitter cocks

who are supposedly to
make us happy for a sec

so how can we deflect
yet another blow
under the belt

but there still comes
a day when the libras
omni-understanding law

when you have used up
your last vague white lie

that you werent everybodys darling
but just a loser but that loser loves you
like the true bella
beyond all layers of makeup
and vampire entitities
they greys mindcontrol and
the greens blipblopblap music
false wellness mysticism
which you make for genuine
so what if you get genuinely
happy with everyone
we are all allah
and gods capture the moment
in an eternal eternity
in a beautys beauty
like your poppy dog eyes
like my elf ears
like your heartformed smile
like your whole shining
immortal brethren
for every second
in superhuman supernatural
but still makeup'd natural
to be your best you
beyond the pains and torments
and nightmares

id never manage your life
so i wouldnt want to be you
but i want to be with you
for ever and always you
the beautimosest butterflywife
when the only which comes out
of me is moooooo EW OWWW
and im not in the greatest of moods
and not so much are in an ill state
or just how are you today
in our relationship
which just worsens and worsens
but i love you more and more
for each day
for each breath
for every new angle
of your lineament
and your whole all the time
new goofballs
by goofballess
of goofballien
of thumbelina
since 14 june of 2019
will your cats turn 19
and survive us both
we are where we are
for ever you and i
bellas and sofia law
the best of their kind
under the belt
and smack that ass
vänd andra kinden
och kasta bröd
åt ickesyndarna
and everyone with perfect
green lawns which are always
better on the other side
beyond the vagina and the penis
to infinite friendship and creating
and musicating and poeticism
you are the only one and
have an incredible bottom
and a lot more for a lot more
and im not envious
it is your life
and your life alone
do what thou wilt
i cannot be caught
but bella seeks the
truth with purpose
the truest on mother earth
for only thee and only me
was i made and produced
sorry i didnt make you cum
and never said you were pretty
and never searched
for your tender back etc
in your smartphone app
but you forget what you lose
and you win what you love
even if only for a second
at a time to then be healed
by your incredible wabi sabi
and your love is a conundrum
like a drum with the best
drum and bass beat
som feints lonesong
because thats all we are
a blues down the countryside
in a spic hellish heaven
will you ever stop thinking
more of her than me
will you forever be more than
a dream för me
best at everything and beyond
me and the mom
which is just sotz
which i can be sometimes too
im sorry i never asked
how you were feeling
circus elephants dont have
that in their vocabulary
but you have taught
me a lot of good words
equivocal and more nearly forgotten
to be gotten back
have never had a festivity with you
so close yet so far away
of longing for you
butterfly suckling a lotus in the dew
and a lovechild of italia and norrland
and all of eachothers
catmother the karma of karmas
the chakra of chakras guys girl
which beats you and
me and he and she
in both service and being
on top of the world
in another dick and
some pair of tits
and eroticas stories not
really exciting well that
nonbetty boop biting
which you saw as true and that i curse
of never being able to stay true a virgin
a seahorse and treedragon a firesnake
which always holds strongly to their words
to the beautifulest of the beautifulest elves
aurora borealis magnificient magical
and a tragic destiny
which is not your true self
your light body
you didnt even say
no to us humping
in a public place
and the alltoocommon
alcoholics bonerization
and pouring black holes
and pinkshimmering
mesmerising smiles
which is bellas facsimile
then and now and for always
am i yours
the sweetheart and the
gravestearn all in one
you get me for 25 bucks
if you can get it up
otherwise i have xtc
and other things not
to make you wise up
im sorry there
wasnt any cream
and less than a
month of
day and night
night and day
hecate and lilith
satan and god
passioness of the antichrist
and a pinky gayfaggot
oh highest it rang
the straight one
from these he sprang
like all these nonthreesomes
there was a BSOD
in the fatemachinery
but i am proud of one thing
and one thing only
(except lady D! =)
that with my chaosmagiii
have summoned thee
the coldest of stormnights
a falling blue star
übersentient ultrabeing
mwah mwah mwah

av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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