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thats not a good idea to spout. considering its resemblance to bill gates modus operandi, "embrace, extend, extinguish". and why not his masonic WE WILL CRUSH THEM. in either case, stop with crossings online, or i might make a merkstave about you <3

"wicked" is a racial slur against wiccan / vikings / sapmi / connunga / "witches". good try. the meaning of wica / wicca, is contained in the ᛈ rune, a glass set to its side, speaking of synchronicity, chaos theory, and childbirth. hey, here you go, PEORTH BERKANAN URUZ. ᛈᛒᚢ. good luck <3

(i know everything you think and feel, and have downloaded your akashic records, so dont even try. that new voice you acquired in your head, guess who? i have nature on my side, and every diety is under my command. you cant win)