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charging with ether simple
if your wifi breaks or even
cable optic fibre crashes
you charge ether
you do this by touching
and or holding onto metal
some seconds can be enough but
sometimes minutes are needed
or you have an ear piercing
or other place on the
body made of metal
like necklace for example
some tatuists use
metal ink too
this means you
always charge energy
you can also
touch other things
to amass other energy
water food ceramic
sometimes you have
to combine these
to get the right
mix of energies
so the internet
will work for you
muslims aka muhajeddins
are experts at this
bella too shes amazing
jag älskar dig bella!
also sleeping
charges ether
since it regenerates
your body and
makes you balanced
showering gives
you blue colourants
water is a blue anti-oxidant
you get a blue aura
so if you have too much
green or red in your aura
showering fixes this
try showering in
a real waterfall

av Tsofmia af Neptune upon LIlith (ris och ros)

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