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when youre lonely

you think everything

is about yourself

you can be lonely with money

because its the metal element

the gold element

and dragons hoard gold

and theyre real lonely

thats why they get mad sometimes

like the dragon that ruined fukushima

like the dragon that obliterated hiroshima

like the dragons that are

intent on killing mother earth

even worse you can be lonely with computers

because theyre electricity

another element

which belongs to dragons as well

you can be lonely with friends

because they do not really care for you

but no matter what

care for others

even if its just small gestures

care for others

dont be a dragon

but if you are

be a spectral dragon

be a giving dragon

be a book writing dragon

be a book reading dragon

but be a dragon

because theyre the best

av Seasiepie! (ris och ros)

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