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i will now create a new account

neuroleptics make me suicidal

i know you shouldnt talk

in those terms but its true

i have 3 dif meds of which

1 is intramuscular

the injection isnt that bad

but i have a strong stomache and also throat

so the pills affect me completely differently that way

dont take drugs or meds that you dont know what they truly do to you

and dont take them alone im warning you

you dont want to be miserable with no one around to help you

but its what my life has been and ive survived 40 years in this image

so i guess its alright i wish you good luck on your journey

mine continues just in another shape and form

dont think too much about your looks

maybe think more of how people see you

and its not something you see in the mirror

its something much deeper much more meaningful

av Etletlien (ris och ros)

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