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ive written to tracey as a blog only she can read. since 2005 on and off. and she could handle me! bella only managed 1Âœ year. so i dont talk a lot about her, but she means the most to me, than my own mother, than bella, than my sisters. so heres just a blogling :)


hi miss dae ^_______^
miss economy was here.
i showed her my art.
hey! shes tough.
she lost her horse
because of me.
but shes not bitter.
amazing to see a
real person again.
and she gave me 10 dips.
hey! ^____^
and that gold lady
was all makeup.
or like miss mom says
"she cares about her looks".
ok poem then letssay it :)"

av Bellas Blomma (ris och ros)

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