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is alone

true love and true
friendship can
change that
but for most people
we are always alone
no matter how fun
we seem to have
with people
we are alone
alone and confused
in this huge world

as it is said
we are born alone
we live alone
and we died alone

and besides
i dont feel alone
when im doodling or
painting or walking in the woods
hearing birdsong or
photoshopping or making
music or writing poetry

i am one with a spirit
thats enough for me
i never had many friends
and i lost my best friend
in sixth grade in school
and looked for him ever after

i had a older friend who i
chatted with several years
except that
friends have been temporary

but i continued my arts
and also walking
and that has made it ok

i accidentally went on
and there it said
christian sörensen
the security expert
that was him
and hes ok
i hope
it says he lives alone
does he miss me
i dont know

i guess her parties a lot
but maybe hes alone
more than me
i wouldnt know
what to say to him
on the phone

maybe one day
i will make
the first step

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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