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easy homemade acupressure without effort

might sound too good to be true
ill be going over 2 different methods
hand massage
thumb massage
quite simple
you press softly
all over your body
and find a place which
hurts from a soft touch
that place is damaged
so you press your
thumb for max 15 minutes
and then maybe try
a mirrored spot
and return after
15 minutes again
you can do this
3 times per day
and the lock
will eventually
give in
fist massage
nothing like that
this can be done in
boring meetings even
you make a fist
and lean against it
either somewhere
on your back
or on your buttcheek
hot stone massage
you dont need something fancy
or pay someone a lot of money
just go in the woods
and try to find a pointy
but still soft rock
muddy paths are good too
pick on rocks that
are in the ground
under moss maybe
you need a coupel kilogram rock
then go home
clean it up
then pour up a bucket
of hot tapwater
if youre oversensitive
you could boil the water first
find the right temperature
then put in the rock
then just as i
mentioned before
but now lie in bed
preferable is on your back
and put it under your legs
you will find it
starting to tingle
after about 15 mins
try 30 mins this
way in on place
and do a mirrored
one on the other leg
also works for your back
especially lower back
just dont do it on bone
it can be risky
smelly shoe massage

if you cant find a rock
why not use a shoe
needs to be pretty new
but theyre both pointy and soft
i used some newly bought crocs
you know those plastic shoes
look around in your apartment
if youre a wellness geek
or reiki practicing healer
you might have a round stone
or a crystal which could work
remember the object
doesnt have to be warm
cold works as well
just not as powerfully
if you do a warm stone
you will eventually feel
it going into the muscle
relaxing it for real
and healing deeply
go on a walk afterwards
or stretch
or do practices
not too hard ones just
you will notice things
starting tingling
maybe hurting
but dont give up
the hurt is a hidden disharmony
in your body healing itself
just try to relax
you might find yourself happier
more vigorous
more harmonic
more warm
this is heaven on earth
remember to shower
or bath afterwards
and take a dump and a leak
it will probably smell funny
this is poisons being
released from your body
are you female
and want to know
what a boner feels like?
simply take that
bucket of hot water
and instead of a footbath
put your arm in it
eventually it
will start throbbing
it also heals
so dont forget about
footbaths either
theyre good for you <3

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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