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it is said

a dog

is the

only animal

which loves you

more than you

hate yourself

hey cats are nice too

3 times the neighborhood

tomcats have laid on

my bed when i had

despair recently

they didnt quit until

my pain had passed

and when they were here

the weather turned calm

and no junkies bothered me

even if they did the cats

whisked them away

if youre miserable

and see no way out

try getting a pet

it can be anything

even if its a bird

you keep in its

cage all its life

or a plain dull phasmatidae

or a goldhamster who just

runs in his wheel all day long

animals mean more than humans

because they are always for real

that and they dont take drugs

they dont care how much money you got

they dont care who your

boyfriend or girlfriend is

(well, sort of)

they just love you

for who you are

av Tom As Cat (ris och ros)

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