2022 09 03 2

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so. i talked to a missus who had an eating disorder. and i have overeating. we have a lot in common. we were gonna do some questions together on the show. it never happened. but recently. she finally came out. i think shes talked about it twice actually. maybe.

hey. that reminds me. i mixed my own garam masala once. it was a pretty good blend. i mean, it was not my own. i just checked the ingredients on some run of the mill spice package. what is mentioned first is the largest percentage. and no i didnt ground the herbs nor grew them myself. well. anyway ^____^ anyway theres more to it. i also. whatever. everyone knows everything. bla bla bla.

anyway. cooking is sooooooooooooooooooo complicated. if youre a parent and you cook to your family well thumbs up to you lots.

anyway. im thinking of my bestie. cant really remember much. and it was so long ago. and i hadnt gotten my mind yet.

anyway. i guess i should embarass myself on mr poetry site. la di da.

wow. my language is so deficient. ignoring popular culture was good for me. and what is this piece of shit thud thud thud music thats playing? gawd.

so. uhm............................. i should listen to my new record. its not finished. but as they say. art is never finished only abandoned. i found 1 ableton artist once. i had the payed youtube. you know with a dark background. and it was just finding songs "randomly" (aka algorithmically) and this amazing hollandaise song came on. i listened to more of the artist. they were called like blueie. no idea how it was spelled. anyway. things that are gone are gone. i never lack i just transition. ska vi dansa questionmark. dansa min docka medans du är unger när du blir gammal så blir du så tunger. if you still care about what other people think you are still a slave. be a stone my king.

anyway african women are amazing. openminded and kindhearted. the ones i meet anyway. but it was bella. sicily. not that bad either. between euroasia and africa.

anyway if the world sucks then the world can suck. nothing i can do about it. i was given this world i didnt make it. inferiority breaks some people and makes some break records. but if its only about yourself how the fuck does it matter. impossible is nothing to someone that tries. ego illusion dream reality. its possible to dream too much.

so should i quit the net and go irl? theres.. really nothing left for me. i could be angry. thats about it. conciousness expresses itself through creation. so miss mom said "din säng är så skön" for what. 2 whole fucking decades? "at least you still have your mind". ok. thanks.

av va (ris och ros)

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