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hey. if this is the only site that accepts me almost then thats good. if its based in schitzerland somehow and the symbol for that country is like greece but inverse and. anyway, i am suicidal. i say it loud now. not proud because i cannot comprehend how it could be good but maybe it can be somehow. there is a song called sacrifice which is really beautiful. everyone hears different words in it. you dont just interpret it differently from person to person. you interpret the interpretation also. anyway. there are people working here behind the shadows shadows. they have good discipline and i actually had a dream about it. ive talked of it previously and the shadowpeople know that. i wouldnt call them that. since shadow can denote something negative. they just have good discipline. and miss mom once said that i was a perfectionist. and when i finally was away from her the second time i realised that was a compliment no matter how it was presented originally. hi CERN~. theres always the word concern. which means to care for. bitchute was a good place but im tired of it and it feels more like a nightmare when i go there. and i dunno who likes having nightmares maybe some but not me. if i could choose i would be sentient and listening to good music and eating tasty food no matter what. either doing art whatever artform even dancing which someone other julia said i was good at and she complimented me loads when i said she reminded me of someone i dont like and you should really hold onto those people who you meet over and over again the same name they mean something greater much greater rhiannon or kirin said "we know" or i dunno theyre ahead and its not perfect vocal interpretation and WOAAAAH ^_^ i am a monstercat and thats just how it is im not really a monster maybe i am but im just a cat and i am FAT and its because i eat a lot i can still run fast but i prefer walking a lot long walks i wouldnt call them romantic they are just beautiful world in a grain of sand you know or a leaf or a waterdrop or anything TRACEY YOURE LOVELY OK LOTS <3