2030 and beyond

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2030 and beyond


more like, we are heavenly beings having a hellish experience. elon musk has evidently gone past the border. i realized that now. in a video, he says that when you reach the ultimate reality, it gets boring. its just a sterile metal environment, where greys in labcoats press a few buttons every now and then. looking at huge 10 meter monitors. i had a dream about this last year? it was like, the monitor was a sony with 64 megapixel resolution.

earth was mostly controlled by two japanese female scientists, called akari and akira harakiri. they built a laser, as large as a jetplane engine, which could disintegrate a human in less than a second. they used it on themselves. instantly, they reached supreme omniscience. this was problematic, because they experienced everything that happened to every human on earth. so they got some huge screens and a surveillance system instead. for people of interest (like me), the system shows my multisensory input/output. then they just give certain hints to you (like guardian angels / spiritual guides). if you dont listen, they manipulate your entire world, as a punishment.

so, elon. he says, when you escape the spaceship, thats where the fun starts. i have reached dimension 50 max. velvet acid christ has been at level 75. there, you clearly see wings / horns / halos on people. at level 50, i saw every person as either a grey or a reptiloid. then it quickly downgraded to 40. everyone was now an anthromorph. the longer you talked to someone [used the right keywords], the more they transformed to their animal form. i never got past the third iteration with someone (it seemed to be about 7).

you could think im making this up, but my imagination is a joke, so its sort of impossible. and i guess you know this part. rh- means, youre not apart of the simulation. at least not the gene manipulation. only rh+ people come from monkeys. but, this part confuses me? the general opinion is that the sumerians, edited monkeys to be sentient enough to work as slaves in goldmines (but not clever enough to reach enlightenment). but, it seems like its the opposite? rather, übermensch were edited, to be inferior to their kin. and they dumped some of these clones on a sterile / synthesized planet. it is said, if you put 2 people on mars, and wait a few millenia, youll have 5 billion people.

now, i havent checked out anyone elses life, so i dont really know. but from what i gather, we all stem from venus, its older than earth. most of us blue ray souls, are undercover. we pretend were dumb humanoid monkeys. pretending we like having a shitjob, watching shitshows, drinking shitbeer, eating shitfood, having shitfriends, marrying a shitspouse. i cant do that though, i cant lie. i have always searched for the ultimate truth.

but its become readily apparent, that everyone lives in the hyperreality (except me). but its a sin to talk of 5D. most prefer 1 dimensional thinking even. i think this has a lot to do with mainstream religion (i am not baptized). yes, the overlords still had a lot of power over me before. not anymore. so i know what its like. i can see the horror in a lot of religious (or neuroleptisized) peoples eyes, the second i say something baffling.

it can be completely shallow things to me, even. just "you said this" or "you lied". theyll respond in furious anger, "i have never said that". to the other statement, they always pretend like i havent said it at all. shaitan is commonly called a liar, but very few utter quotes about this.

(in khemet [ancient egypt], where 50% of europeans, by genes, come from. and 70% in the british isles [people with red hair, my colour]. the strange part is, only 1% of africans have the khemet genes. anyway, back then, it was plainly stated, that the lie is a sin. it was part of the commandments. "thou shalt not lie". but more like, when you meet the omnidiety, he just asks you things, like "have you ever lied?".

if you are immaculate enough, you go to the place inbetween the multiverses, where the dieties hang out. this is the true garden of eden. you eventually evolve to a pure energy being, and then, stop developing. you turn into a guardian angel / spiritual guide, to serve other lifeforms.

i have been in this state temporarily. like always, i refuse to follow anyones orders, even if they do it for my own good. so, being an angel, controlled by a diety, helping a human, seems, if not too meta, more like slavery than anything else. besides, my body and mind feel so old, so i cant really keep up with everything im supposed to do, and i cant remember all the rules either)

because theyre afraid. just saying the word "lie" (or.. "suicide") means they manifest it into creation. or even better, the 3 words "i love you". there seems to be a general consensus, that if you dont actively put in an effort to like someone, that means you have never liked them, in any way, whatsoever, ever. because of the omnipresent monogamy rule. now, people can be unfaithful left and right. as long as they dont mention it, if they sweep it under the carpet, if no one of importance notices anything, it doesnt present any problems.

(to say that tiger woods had orgies, is only becauses hes black. all the elites delve in this, weekly, or even daily. i know the psychiatric staff at my housing, when the clock strikes 2 hours to midnight, indulge in sex (or rape. its sort of hard to tell sometimes) with eachother / everyone that lives here. they also snort coke all the time. and they drink liquid amphetamine exclusively, never coffee. everyone in the social security system, and other government agencies, get intertwined in this as well, even if they dont want to. i guess its too tempting.

aids is caused by injecting primarily impure / laced cocaine into your bloodstream, for a decade. they do everything in their power, to not let this get into the mainstream conciouesness. i know normal people who have steady diet of coca cola and cigarettes, nothing else. eventually, they need to do a quadruple bypass. avicii was like this, the worst junkie on the planet. shame his music sucked. but thats what you get, when you trade orgies for creativity)

except, if god is omniscient, this doesnt make sense? so, at some point, their diety changed to baal instead. now, hes a great guy. no matter how much you fuck up, whatever horrible things you do, he will love you just the same. hell, the worse things you do, he will just love you more. the more you drink, the more money you waste, the more people you hurt, he will be cheering you along all the time.

now, in relation to the fema camps. i guess they will augment the bodies, to corrupt the eternal soul. not very versed in egyptology, so i dont know. but, the mummies [sarcophagos] were also augmented, but in the opposite way, with plenty of gemstones and gold.

i knew a libanese dentist. he used to put gemstones in teeth. an ancient tradition. better than mercury, to say the least.

now, the pyramids of giza, were like echo chambers for khufus energy. the outside used to be ornamented with gold. they were placed exactly in the middle of earths intertwining polar lines. before general median time was made to originate in greenwich, it was actually supposed to be in egypt.

they will resurrect all the bodies (after the 2030 solar flare) with plenty of cybertech and irresistable mindcontrol, to work as slaves in the IoT.

(not very versed in egyptology, so i dont know. but, the mummies [sarcophagos] were augmented, with plenty of gemstones and gold. a working brain wasnt needed for this to be possible, as all the internal parts were removed. so no worry about cryosleep requirements)

as can be seen in the matrix, youll be put into a transparent illuminum sphere immersed in formaldehyde. with the latest tech, like fiber optic cables connected all over your body, VR with hypersenses, that projects on your retina directly / cochlear implant / real-time synthesized smells.

anyway, this has been talked about in cyberpunk art since the early 80s, so no biggie. shame i never indulged in that. but why are are people not speaking out about this?

i guess they want to keep it to themselves. not like cybergoths were very respected back in the days, running around in shopping malls with gasmasks. they knew something though. and the general popolous is soon to experience it. #EPRparadox

the videogame cyberpunk 2077, mentioned that there will be a "normal" postapocalyptic world too. only a select few will live there though. (the illuminati and a couple of freehackers). so we wont all be sent to hell soon. and the year 2077 already exists. so there is a future. the NWO is doing this for the betterment of mankind (lol, sure). i mean, except for the bloodclotting part, i fucking love the nanochip. if you had emotions and imagination previously, i guess its not fun. thats never been my fate though.

av AkariHarakiri & EternityInterface (ris och ros)

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