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i will tell you of the universe. it is vast. there are many planets and thus many lifeforms. the ones i have sinned too much against are the greys and the greens. the third first element is lithium. when it is stale it is grey. when it is in use it is green. one can use batteries for storing information. if one thinks of the universe as a lithium battery, it gets easier to understand. if the world is stored in 32-bits, that means you have 4.3 billion variations for each planck constant. if one were to try to calculate how many variations of things happening at any one spot from a perceiever with 5 senses in one second, i do not think our mathematics can explain such. it has been proven scientifically that even amoeba and labrats have a mind of their own and dream, much more than their percieved reality. at some point everything reaches sentience. even if your life is futile someone akin to you in the future might make it better for your people. i will now speak of buddhist knowledge. i cannot remember the exact number as that is how my brain does not store information. i will say 10 to the power of 400 million eternities. one lifetime including time in hell is one eternity. i do not know how big of a number the other part is, but it is supremely vast. now taoism wisdom. the tao that can be named is not the eternal tao. make it of what you will.