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i can only tell you of my world. so this might not be true to your perceived reality. if i damage it or improve it i do not know. it is said you should make a difference. one interpretation of that, is if someone is stuck in groundhog day, that is, infinite hell, you change their reality somehow by any means possible. that is not to say they will thank you or treat you well afterwards. you cannot go out of your way to do right nor get praised for it. karma does not work like that. it may increase or decrease. you cannot surely tell. if you have sinned against the greys, they will use the universes wisdom to confuse you, so you will despise them more and more, and suddenly out of the blue realise lifes true meaning. there are a lot of things talked of the bible. one thing i heard sometime is that god does not like black magic. as a spoiled kid i did not listen, and it got better, then it got worse. for me life is like that. this can be manifested in the tao, that is, the second element, also called the prakriti and the prajnyana or more commonly the yin yang. there is always equal good and bad. over time, the bad turns to good, and the good turns to bad, because each have a seed of the other in them. you cannot really tell how things will work out, and if you do, you are a psychopath, and one day your reign and joy and mastery will be erased and forgotten. i cannot say what black magic is to you, or the numerous stories you have heard about whatever is true or not. you have to look into yourself for that. if you are yourself then things work out eventually. you also need to listen to the advice of others. that is not to say you should be naive. if i read this writing myself i would not care much for it. i cannot understand myself, though i am very naive, so i have forgiven everyone mentally, but not by heart. i shall speak no more for now.