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so. my ex wasnt anything in particular she is a gold digger, a "sol och vårare". there are a lot like her out there, both male and female or trans or whatever.

she has done to me what she has done to others. she continues to perpetuate her "fun", and shes does it everywhere, all the time.

me, at my core, i am a gamer and i do art. thats it. i got what i wanted, and now there is nothing left.

there is nothing special about me. she sucked out all my energy, thats what succubus or whatever monstrous entity does.

since i realised my big sister sara has been pulling the threads... there is nothing i can do about it.

i understand and realise things at a rapid rate now.

but that is not how i am supposed to be.

i am supposed to be naive.

as mentioned i got a very strong psychosis 1-2 months ago. maybe it was still summer then.

i do not think this psychosis will ever pass, since it was incredibly strong.

as an emma said "time does not heal all wounds".