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if everything seems garbled on this site. its because of elves and fairys and trolls and will o the wisps gnomes and such. you can decrypt it. im not saying it will be easy. but it is possible. you will still only see it from your perspective. and everyone you have ever met. thats how memory works. conciousness. the brain. if you think you know it all you are in error. be quiet and play nice. speak up when needed. thoughts are stronger than words because you can think however much you want about whoever whatever you want in whichever way you want. it doesnt mean you are in the right. you have your opinions and you are entitled to them but you are not entitled. there are people stronger than you and people weaker than you. karma originally just means action. you need discipline. however you find it is up to you. being entertained can be fun but its not about having fun its about finding yourself. your life purpose. happy birthday rhiannon sorry i forgot about it. but time is an illusion so it doesnt matter. you know all already thats how rebirth works. whoever you were before maybe you know. ten to the power of 400 billion infinities is enough. do you remember when it started.