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simple. jews were black originally. redhead seems to be the highest frequency and still the lowest. i miss making books and quality albums.

things change and not always for the better. saw an amazing youtube video which seemed to say everything about everything.

but its just art and people interpret it differently. beyond just tone of voice to actual words differently.

i heard long ago that i talk as if i am typing in another langauge then translating it.

i know for a fact that women who play with dolls think they control others and do so to a degree.

i contacted jessica on facebook. she had just put up a weird feministic post.

its from her point of view and it doesnt have to be wrong.

but she knows shes done wrong by pretending us living together.

thats why she never answered.

anyway. facebook is weird.

theres so much to do and i dont really get anything

i just got a medication which reduces your anxiety.

this is the opposite of what i want.

thus i get so.

what the psychiatric system seems to do.

reverse psychology.

there are many other terms but that one is the easiest to understand.

they use you against you.

like fighting against yourself, your shadow, or your light

or your lightshadow or shadowlight

its confusing and painful

i did things better by having a lot of anxiety

it fucked me up but i passed over the border

long before the psychiatric system picked me up

i could say it was 2006 or even as far back as 1996.

again these are numbers and they do not tell a truth.

i am in a state of desperation i do not want it to get worse.

but i used black magic to get bella

and i used black magic to vanquish a jew

i cannot surely say what happened to him

but im sure he didnt think it was a good time

this was all according to plan you could say

but its possible to fuck up majorly

or go with the flow

or just be yourself and ignore the rest

i now understand why geniouses get discovered after their death

strangely enough im writing faster than normally

anyway, well wishes and i mean it from the heart whoever reads this

you know in your heart what is right