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my polar opposite big sister sara
she likes to party
sex n drugs n rock n roll
shes just as lonely and scared
and pretends to be happy
just as me
so we are exactly the same
even if we seem different
i love you sara
even if we never spoke
or almost saw eachother
even if we lived under the
same roof for so long
i know well never
meet or talk again
so this is my letter to you
its ok
no matter what
i dont understand geminis
i know they are very emotional
the most emotional sign
and darkhalo is a gemini
he has a song called
"glass little sister"
so he shatters like glass
and ive shattered sara
more than once
and shes crushed me
like my latest suicide attempt
on her birthday
which left me dead from the wait down
i have almost no emotional response in my whole body
i cant get it up either
porn does nothing
but somehow
i feel better this way
before i jumped
i just played computergames all day long
now i write more
read more
listen more
and ive started on another record
so heres a cheers
with springwater
to siblings
to family
to bloodbonds

av Bellas Blomma (ris och ros)

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