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For a long time I believed the meaning of life was in 3 words, while the bible says it's only one. At the moment, I've decided to find as many people's as possible truth in only 2. It might make it into a song, which most surely should be included on the La Belle Epoque 24-concept album epic. Anyway, citations I've collected so far, are as follows:

Rätt & Vist
Rött & Svart
Love & Misery
Trauma & Längtan
Passion & Isolation
Professionell & Slarvig


The first album by this musician that the reviewer found was a recording in a church. It can be difficult many times to see the true meaning behind a person; our thoughts turn ½-dimensional. Either love 'em or hate 'em, or any other emotional state or thought-process in-between, for that matter. Even the things that we don't have a name for.. maybe those are the most holy?!

The plutchik-wheel's center-emotion might be that of transcendence, what in Swedish is referred to as "att upplösas i atomer" (lit. to dissolve into atoms), to use one synonym for it. But we now know, at least in our hearts, that there's something beyond that, thanks to the research popularized by the late Stephen Hawking - that.. at some point, our state-of-mind turns into a 111-person-strong ensemble, what is more commonly referred to these days as the superstring theory.

Or maybe, we just need to be down-to-earth; in Hermann Hesse's fictional novel Siddhartha, xe postulates that the true meaning of life might be in only 2 words as well: hard work; just that, nothing more, nothing less. Working with humans - because you never know how a human will react to you, and you're supposed to do your job, or you're sacked. To delve further into this thinking, on the Prophecy album, the hindu pioneers 'Nitin Sawhney sample a voice which utters the statement we should learn to be civilized people; no matter how dead, buried, rotten, decayed & foul-smelling god is, maybe christ conciousness is something to strive for, after all.

Onwards to the Music: xis voice varies from Leonard-Cohen:ish talk-singing, to some sort of evil doll, while apexing at what reminisces of Madonna's Don't cry for me Argentina. The album was played live by the musician xiself (with further lyrics by the lucky one, whose xis last name since many years back is adorned with), as always - if it's not the right atmosphere, why bother? The writer can hear around 4 harmonies in the musical parts, whilst the vocals are single-channel. One thought that comes to mind is.. maybe it's time for the multi-instrumentalist to invest in a Jimi Hendrix:ian loop pedal - and ballet lessons, ala Theresia Andersson?

The harmonies do indeed harmonize, while lending influences from even Trap. In one eZine it was postulated that this genre really was called crap in the beginning, a short-form of Cloud Rap; but it might have much older beginnings than that. Bones' underground masterpiece "Dirt" reminisces of the late 70's and early 80's, and what the genre really stems from is.. undertakers - its true meaning is "Cemetery-Rap". Or maybe it's from both the White and the Black community; one story fortold of how Rock N' Roll came to be, is that Chuck Berry played in closed public gatherings - where, sometimes.. the audience was mostly black - so he played his blues repertoire. When the listeners were by and large white, he played Country & Western, but when it was a mixed crowd, he intertwined the two styles, thus popularizing, what was then, and earlier called - Rhythm & Blues, which is nowadays refered to as just Rock; and nowadays the word music has been almost replaced with rock by journalists, which might've been its original meaning.

The secrets of the Nordic runes are to these days still delved in intense mystery. Although it's been a long time since they were added to Unicode, one has to delve further into fonts installed on one's system to find them at all. One columnist in a Swedish newspaper rallied some years ago, about how in the middle passage between Finland and Sweden, people got medborgarlön (lit. citizen-pay, see Stalin's Sovjet, Cuba to this day, for example) for making shaman-shields - which.. serve no purpose at all; if only xe knew. They might've made The Wiccans a memory, but the memory to this day still remains, and will walk the earth again, just like the last egyptian mummy which hasn't been frozen down does. Lastly, witch-house influences aren't heard much on this record, if, at all - another thing to invest in for the artist would be a bass-amplifier, hook it up to one of your synthesizers, and you get that particular distortion, like a further evolution of Kyuss Desert Sound. See for example Murk's (from the Ghost Dragons label) Light Sadness EP.

I'll end this with a citation from my favorite author:

"Even the most acute judges of the witches - and even the witches themselves.. were convinced of the guilt of witchery, the guilt none-the-less was found to be non-existant; it is thus with all guilt."


Country & Western comes from the whole musical treasure that was once Indo-Europa. Equal parts British, Italian, Swedish, and Rromanian, for example. Precisely the word western derives from a short-form of spaghetti-western. When italian immigrants came to America many moons ago, they were called spaghetti-eaters; while the rest of the white population filled their plates with potatoes, The Romans held strongly onto their traditions. One could imagine that young italians called their bullies potato-heads instead. The slur was later shortened to simply spic. See U.D.'s definition of Fuck on the Waybackmachine, for further information. The institutional racism might've been saved to this day in the Dictionary-huggers' footnote (sic) - which officially means spelling intact.

av Emma Sotz (ris och ros)

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