3 types of governance

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There are 3 types of governance:

1) Masonic Rule / Capitalism: Private investors control the country.

2) Feudalism / Communism: The country controls the companies.

2.1) Taxation: Invented by the Church (at 10% back then), to use as a premium for not having to engage in warfare. They used the money to survive and proliferate even further, and also make tasty cheeze and red wine. Then they gave back ½ of it to the people (seen nowadays in things such as the NGO, which Gates daddy created to evade taxes), so no one would know what they're really up to.

3) Samurai / Jack of all Trades: Everyone takes care of themselves. Commonly refered to in the west, as "anarchy", because whiteys just cant keep their shit together. Africans have no problem with brotherhood though, but mixing these styles together, isn't a good idea.