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as for "the fifth dimension". this is a simplified way to speaking of the spiritual dimensions. which, before we got electricity / witch burnings, everyone lived in. now, ive personally met a string theory scientists. he said there were 100 dimensions. he should know, right?

i mean, i, at least, dont see a HUD at the corner of my vision saying "you are now in dimension 23" or whatever. i do know, i have managed to achieve about level 50. this was only for a splitsecond. i saw everyone around me, as either a reptiloid, or a grey.

i have never seen wings / horns / halos on people. for the plain reason, that i dont indulge in drugs (and i mean "tame" drugs like coffee and tea too).

though, i can perceive them. you know, like when you hear a song in your head, eventhough you dont hear it? its there, eventhough its not? i call this dimension zero. same goes for telepathy. the most i recieve, are just "words", they are at null hz, they have no voice added to them. as the hindu shuddha prajnyana says, the first element was clear conciousness.

and, you know what? i dont believe in dimensions. every person (or sentient being, which is everything, the japanese mindset of "kokoro") is their own dimension. their own frequency. so when people say that progress is like a "staircase", i cant agree. because everyone evolves their senses / chakras differently. maybe people like hecate, isis, kali, allah and jhvh perfected all of them. for us, mere electric age mortals, i dont know if this is possible though.

and in regards to frequency. before, like i said, everyone evolved differently. the heart has a 150 000 x stronger aura than the brain. and when you add electricity to this (the reptile frequency is electricity), it holds you down (to the electric frequency which is dominant in your body). unfortunately, modern society, like weve seen with TV and social media, dumbs us down.

and since its been proven that our brain is partly "reptile", and it stands for the most primitive emotions, this could be the main reason why people act the way they do now.

hey, its not possible to comment your youtube video. at least in my reality. TRUTH. HARMONY. REFLECTION.

av iamthealphaandtheomega (ris och ros)

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