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mix tapwater + salt + sugar

it will taste like shampoo

the answer

since 2020 everything is

conserved with formaldehyde

instead of the usual

ascorbic acid c vitamin

it is not mentioned in

the table of contents

on the back of the package

everything is a lie

theres now VEGAN orange juice

what could be more silly

simple its made with nanorobots

in huge factories without real sunlight

they are aiming to put a

dyson sphere around the sun

no one will notice ever

wonder about all those

food chip shortages

simple mars is already colonized

they are flying things there

with cheap 1000$ drones

there are 36 different snake poisons

in all tapwater and bottled water and lakes

they are incased in nanoparticles so

hard to find even with a microscope

open your eyes

if youre a snakeoil salesman and

versed in black magic

get involved in bitcoin

get enough to afford flying to mars

bribe enough people so you can

escape the CBDC coming soon globally

at higher conciousness levels you

can be at 100 places at once

just need to be a good liar

av Va? (ris och ros)

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