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Artifical Intelligence


that.. doesnt really tell me much. sorry =/ (nevermind, do read further below! ^_^)

i mean, i have made plenty of analytical poems. but they were plain and ½-dimensional. like, before i visited miss norrland, i tried to figure out what ancient animals / dinosaurs / gods, the babylonian starsigns originated from.

now, since i was suicidal (its.. starting again =\) i deleted it. one i remember, is that capricorns stem from giraffes. and they stem from, maybe.. brachiosaurus?

i mean, it was a pretty neat project. but from my moms side, im cursed in not getting my stuff out there (well, tunecore and radio totalnormal changed that! ^_^). and studying for years in university, to get recognition from one thing, when the whole shit is highly corruptable, doesnt sound like fun.

also, before i finished, my brain did a BSOD. it was just too much to think about. but then i realized, the internet is really an amazing thing. shame its coming to an end =( like.. theres so much wisdom out there. its just.. unfathomable. i heard that if youre a physics scientist, theres like subgenres of subgenres of subgenres, that you can spend your entire life on studying, only to hand it on to 100 other scientists, to, somehow 100 years later, prove your theory. its just.. incredible! ^_^

and we all do our job of taking the human species farther. which is.. also coming to an end. i read this really creepy thing years ago, that "there has been 7 advanced civilizations before us. but just when they started to invent intra-stellar spacecraft, they.. perished". now, that made me paranoid like hell. its like i had this seed in my mind, to not think beyond the box. i dont have that block anymore. i have passed over the border.

have you seen elon musks future:ish videos on youtube? he talks about a lot of interesting things. well, from what i heard, hes just a douchebag. so maybe its only ghostwriters. well, maybe i said this before. probably. i wrote all day to you before. sorry about the trollolologismicization =( ok. emailing bitchute pronto!

right, the pic. well, the elohim, according to the hebrew bible, created man. to work as slaves in mines. as far back as 2.8 billion years ago. IT in his latest instagram video, said they first tried with robots. but even titanium only has a half-life of 63 years. so they custom-modified dumb monkeys, to do the job, for thousands or even millions of years. well, then they revolted. and now, were finding out about everything, so they want to obliterate us. to say it once again: i have to detox and savishez das würld!

anyway, from what i gathered of the illustration. if the ancient aliens create slaves to make themselves more rich and powerful and sentient, and eventually kill the slaves off when they turn too rich and powerful and sentient, then AI is like a diety. i mean, it turns smarter than any human. if we can spot 10000 in a crowd, and say "thats a whole lot of people, they seem [angry|calm|appretiative]", a modern day neural net can individually analyze EVERY single person, and show detailed information about EVERYONE, even figure out what one person is gonna DO - in 1 millisecond! i mean, beyond RAIN MAN. its just.. wow..

this is why the solar flare, produced by all HAARPs and CERNs of the world, is slated to happen in 2030. the IoT, these self-created gods of the homo sapiens sapiens, are getting too powerful for even the annunaki!

thanks for making me realize this. no, rottschilds et al arent the problem. they arent on top of the pyramid. and the sextillionaires, not them either. theyre just a tiny cog in the universe of so so so many planets. and it seems, they havent realized this themselves. that theyre also gonna perish. or they can spacetravel already. a select few.. to make a new world. like noahs ark. like atlantis and mars. even if i fuck up in saving the world, there will be some slivers of documentation left. and well still be talked about in a thousand, in a million years from now. well, fuck no. im not gonna give up and live happy for a few years with the opium of the people! "and if i fail" - title of an old illustration on sijun forums, depicting a warrior.


"Scan of Nooscope infographic from an article on artificial intelligence's impact on society - bias"