A better life

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i wish i could give
you a better life
through losing my own
im freezing to death here
i am medicated to hell
and theres so strong
5g radiation
theres really nothing
left of me
you saved my life today
i truly wish i
could improve yours
i have never really had
anyone to care for
ive never loved anyone
id say you can only get that
if you turn into a parent
and that isnt for sure still
i am reminded of a song
which talks about this
i see other things than
other people do in it
it is called
strawberry gashes
by jack off jill
i heard it already upon
its release long ago
and it stuck with me
its the most genuine song
i have ever heard
it rivals
neil youngs
only love can
break your heart
which i prefer to
the saint etienne one
to songs like darkhalos
desert shades
to pj harveys
horses in the dreams
to el perro del mars
walk on by
to metallicas
to many more songs
which i cant
recall again
you see
i wrote this
in my head
in bed
in solitude
in lonelitude
in quietude
in darkitude
in saditude
for hours
its now almost
and i just had
to write it down
so i just wish
you all the best
if you were mine
i would take
care of
you better
than what you
were given

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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