A strange story about my daughter kirin

Från Svenska Dikter
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one of my children
the girl
got murdered with a
yugoslavian imported ak-4
bella is a reiki
healer grandmistress
so she revived her though
but since then
shes gotten
obsessed with blood
.....she.... er.....
paints herself with
her menstrual blood
this is a story from the future
ive seen how they are a 5 10 and 15
and most look the same from 15-35
so i know 30 years into the future
i guess most parents are like that
paint up scenarios of what
their children will turn to
and lead them along a good path
and just wish they hold it
or they find their own paths
what i do know
is that rhiannon and kirin and neuf
are best friends forever as long
as neuf lives maybe to 20 years
maybe to 30
maybe to 10
maybe i die when the cat dies
you never know

av Bellas älskare (ris och ros)

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