About two of my sisters sara and johanna

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caitlin koch

simple man

(lynyrd skynyrd cover)

i guess my sister

heard the original

on the radio

before i was born

so thats when she was

-1 to 0 to 5 years

she was a wonderchild

and shes still amazing

i dont think that will change

because she has a lot of discipline

i hope she doesnt die before me

for real or not or to or not maybe

i dunno really

she was mostly mean

or just spent time at other places than home

or she just was awake at other times i was

she still went to school and college

and lived at the same house as me

so i dont get how i could

miss out on her so much

but this has happened

and it is truth

anyway i sent her a

postcard some days ago

and i got to meet someone

who was a mix between

me and my sister

my sister sara

i know some about

one other sister

shes called johanna

but calls herself

janet sometimes

shes slender

she used to have

aids but its gone


she is born in

1973 or thereabout

she is married and

doesnt lie about it

she always has

the marriage ring

on her left ringfinger

i only met her for like 1 hour

she knows fluently finnish and

swedish and i guess english too

shes amazing like all my sisters