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this is for real. i've heard theories before.. but i met a guy yesterday.. the conversation started normally.. then went all haywire. he bragged about his parents riches, over and over, so eventually i jokingly asked "have you tried adrenochrome?". he said they extracted it from him a long time ago. said he was chosen, and that he'd be amply rewarded.

they drugged him down with THQ chloroform, afterwards it was "no more happy". he's tried it himself, said "you float" then. he went into a trance after awhile (prophetic even, told me things about me, that i didn't even know), the last i heard from him was "bye mom" and then he ran from the place.

be very vary of this thing, i bet it's worse than a bad trip from XTC (with which, you have to take anti-depressants your whole life). it's surely worse than crack. those thugs on the streets, are nothing compared to the billionaire scumbags.

even worse is, when i was drugged down on 20 meds after a near-death experience, i had a vision of a strange, strange, creature who said "we want you as a host".

red med, don't do it!

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