Against all odds

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hey bella i found someone after you
i didnt believe it would happen
but it did it really did
like i wrote a decade ago
she was a mix of so many
people ive loved before
a healer like bella
a nutjob like julia
as wise as amy
to name a few
i slept in her bed at night once
and made love to her 3 times
only dry because she didnt
want to give me venearal diseases
and also because she knew
id make her pregnant
on the first try
and she was 45 or so
and thought the
babyd get errors
we only lasted 1½ week
but that time was just amazing
i mostly just played mp4s for her
her own personal mtv dj! ^_^ <3
thanks miss wonderful
i wont forget you for a long time
and to find someone better than you?
. .. never know... .. .

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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