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he is a double-agent, maybe even triple or quadruple. players get played. players play the players. players that get played play the play and make others winners too and they teach their near and dear ones but they do not listen but we are all gods children so we are at least helping eachother to a higher state of conciousness. people need to realise that the people who call you family might not be. you chose your parents not the other way around. this place and bitchute etc is called "alt-right" but i see plenty of posts on facebook about this, and i got the link to this from facebook eventhough she was scared to get banned from it. but at the end of the day, a computer or smartphone is just something you stare into. then you could just as well stare into the sun, or the sea, or a forest, or a mundane job, or at a cross, or your lovers eyes when they sleep, or your child growing up.......