All hail coffee the greatest healing herb on the planet

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thats the first
coffee poem ive read
maybe i should
write some too
coffee is the greatest
healing herb in the world
for me personally
it doesnt damage my stomache
no matter how strong i drink
and its good against anxiety
and heals pain life nothing else
and makes you awoke of course
and cold coffee
actually makes
me tired
heres to you
mrs coffee
youre the bomb
youre everything
in a coffee fruit
in a coffee bean
in heated beans
in ground coffee
in insta coffee
in my mug
the first thing
in the morning
i love you
you make the sun go up for me
and makes the nights better
when i need to stay up
you take my pain away
and heal my anxiety
just like bella did
i love you bella
and i love Bella
Praised Coffee (TM)
heres a drink to you
sip sip sip
and with
some cacao
it actually
turns tasty
but i love you
anyway coffee
even if you smell like
i dunno
you smell good
its just the
taste i
cant stand
but i love you anyway
here and for always
tsofmia and coffee

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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