Anorexia is a lie

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i know how much booze you drink
by the metric tons a week
like a bluewhale in a year
but liquids arent food right
you cant get fat from beer
isnt that how it is is it
you have absolutely nothing to say
you vomit out your words
like you do with your $1000 food each day
cant both have your cake and eat it too
but if your daddys a stockbroker
and your mommys a prostitute
it all works out alright doesnt it
liar crocked liar anorexia is a hoax
mustard contains 80% sugar
just read the contents at the back
if you cared about what really matters
its called wisdom not pain
theres no point in pain
if only to complain what a dirt life you have
but its only mudcakes you sling on others
guess how many guys youve ruined
with a single glare with a single rotten laugh
youre not dead inside youre hollow
and your skin is so perfect isnt it
you could just as well roll around in bleach
blue whale thats all you are
living on daddys respect
and your mothers lack thereof
how was that baseball bat
was it a "new" experience eh?
cuz beer desensitized you
until you watch snuff movies
everyone whines about hillary
but i know they all do it all the time
........anyway ^______^
bella wanted to marry me.
unfortunately she said the day before
that "i could put you in a cellar if i wanted to"
several women have wanted to marry me
thats strange, ive never wanted to marry anyone
so i havent except that ringfinger tatu
right forgot about that minor detail
i also have eating disorders
i just dont puke it up
except i started that
each morning
i peed and pood myself
and got blue in the face
every. single. morning.
then i just decided
hey ill make
from scratch
like a sicilian family
like a woodcutters wife
like a mastif
half sierra leone half druish
cerise + blue = no idea whatsoever
wisdom is knowledge
it isnt pain
it isnt emotions
it is transcendance
40 chakra release harmony and supercharging
to write and write and write
divine matriarchal flow?
divine masculine flow
ho ho ho
oh it seems i only wrote this
because i boiled an entire garlic all day long
the following soup tasted like.....
buttery jasmine rice
ah, the trade secret....
i have synthesized saffron
microwaves all smell like saffron for some reason
and my italian oven that i got as a gift
for putting up 3 cute lil paintings
costed 12000 bucks
for real

av Sofia Sjöfararen (ris och ros)

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