Another shortstory about the harakiris

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akari and akira harakiri

were part of an

experiment gone wrong

as with any true experiment

you are not supposed to really

know what will happen

they were not bound but blood

no it was better they

were the same soultribe

from the black planet

also known in some

circles as lilith

assynjas called uld skuld

and verdandi rule there

they are beyond even gods

as they weave everyones fate with their hair

as adults akari and akira invent a 5x5 meter laser

they go in there together and hold eachother

close and dance around and meditate and

create and write and laugh and cry and

anger and sadness and emptiness and shine

and blackhole and manifest and then they

become one with... an inverse black hole.

a white worm hole. except white is all colours

the full spectrum of everythingness.

they control earth on a high density.