Antichrist is antisatanist

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Antichrist is antisatanist


so, i found out about another bloodsucker. like all so-called christians, she uses her "cute" religion and shallow behaviour as a smokescreen. and like all true satanists, she is highly intelligent, creative and talented, and works towards her leftist "causes" to get in a good position with YHVH. obviously though, she kneels down to a false prophet. she knows she sold her soul long ago (if not the process of christian faith in itself is directly giving up a large part of your being). for just about everyone, this is even before they start gradeschool, when a christian priest (orthodox, protestant, or sect doesnt matter, theyre all the same) has their way with them.

and something needs to be cleared up, anti-christ has nothing to do with satanism. i dont know if nietzsche penned this term, but anti-christ means the same thing as anti-satanist.

some people who stand out from this, who have unbaptized themselves, are the bands velvet acid christ, and noah23.

for VACs greatest expression of the christian agenda, look no further than the masterpiece "pretty toy". like the noah23 album ill mention, i didnt understand this song, until i was at a hillsong "party night". sects just take satanism disguised as christianity to the extreme, and theyre clumsy. they dont keep it under wraps, they dont bribe enough, and although they do quickly amass immense power and influence, they (mis)use it incorrectly.

noah23s magnus opus witch house genre defining "occult trill" delves heavily in occult themes, even diverging into abstract references to pedophilia.

but then again, this is lunch for every christian out there. anyone whos ever been baptized, spent a couple of hours in a church / talking to a priest, or gone to sunday school, knows this is at the very core of christianity. listen intently, and listen well. if it messes with your head, look to your supposed saviour and realize how hes wrecked your, and 4 billion others, life.

marilyn manson and the spookykids, wouldnt even have released antichrist superstar, if it wasnt for his friendship with one of the most talented electronic musicians on earth, trent reznor. that marilyn manson is responsible for any death at all, is laughable. the music is so bad, no one in their right mind could listen to it more than halfway through, and its impossible to be "mindcontrolled" by his amateurish wannabe charles manson persuation. and he obviously doesnt have the revolutionary attitude of marilyn monroe either.

notice how, quickly after a person criticizes your false diety, your corrupted KJV version book, your supposed "virgin birth" halfdemon, or that no one can live up to virgin marys 84 year old virginity, non-menopause status, and incubus rape by JHVH himself, you get intense anger and fear.

first anger at anyone not "saved" from so-called infinite hell, after a puny self-denying and non-englightened existence on earth, who doesnt believe that "yeshua ben josef died for our sins" is enough proof that they should devote their lives to slavery under baal, lucifer, their succubii, demons, televangelists, pathetic sermons, to convert even more, and more, and more, like a zombie apocalypse.

it is here and it is now. remember: violence is the supreme authority. without the roman empire, christianity would be a little shit stain on the religious worldmap in syria. realize, as a european, or european-american, you are a druid, christanity is just as "brown people" religion as islam, and although they hid away anything in the PG-13 tanakh version, which would endemnify them, you are just as evil as the so called "new world order" controlled by the "jews". which are, by and large, only khazarians, who, also, use their religion as a coverup for their sumerian roots.

and fear, fear that youll be found out. but its not your fear, it is the ancient alien overlords themselves. you know that guiding light you have, those horrible voices you get in your head whenever you get uncomfortable in your faith, you know that divine joy you feel, which cures all your pain and suffering, not soon after youve clasped your hands? it comes from middle-earth, and spaceships, nowhere else.

a christian priest, again, i have only met 3 of these. one, was, as you might guess, in hillsong. everyone in the gathering, was in their 20s or 30s. then one guy stands out, far beyond retirement age, walks up to me, says "hi" and shakes my hand. the myth of jamestown lives on to this very day. he was, to put it no other way, pure evil.

another guy, younger, met him on the commute. i ask him if he has a lot of anxiety? he, a lord of the rings gollum esque character, answers, in a disgusting tone, like a demon with far-reaching powers whose always gotten every child sacrifice he ever wanted, "that usually doesnt last long".

the third, a guy at my local church. i went there, because there was supposed to be a "memory service" after my dads passing. when the singing is done, a creep walks out, wanting to collect gifts, saying he "hopes for large contributions today". though, not as screaming as the average black metal voice, his behaviour was just as off-putting.

that people cant see through this, on their first exposure to these abominations, i have no words for.