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(i get banned from saying things like this on facebook) its not the jews. the palestinians are the original jews (caanites). the ones who call themselves jews are the ashkenazi, the khazars. they were invaded in khazaria (modern day ukraine, hmm?) and were told to submit to christianity, or death. unlike muslims they didnt choose death, they chose convertion. but the thing is, they practiced their religion in silence. then it took a 100 years (1200 AD) and they were now supposed to be murdered, but they fled west, especially to germany. did you know that 70 million americans profess to being german? so theres a lot of ashkenazi over there. ordinary people here in sweden, that i know several of, are satanists. its a lot more established than youd think. so as it is now, many churches are secretly kept as ahskenazi religious sites, in secret.