Ashkenazi rule the world 2

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in short, khazarians officially adopted judaism in 1000 AD. but secretly they used their old religion (babylonianism, turkish nomads). so its khazars, not jews, that rule the world. just as american / european christians preach love and compassion, and then go bombing other countries and stealing their resources.

as for switzerland, it also goes back to khazars, even if they branched off a lot since the old days. the crusades (with hired people from isreal) killed 50000 druish shamans in europe, then instituted christianity. they separated into different sects all over, because they got banned. the illuminati and freemasons, knights of malta, and many more, are all based off of the crusaders.

just look at the swiss flag, it means "rottschild", the main controlling family of khazars in the world.

then it gets more complicated. it all seems to stem from egypt long ago. eventhough druish religion (which used to be worldwide) encouraged blood sacrifice, thats the excuse columbus used to kill / subjugate latinos before. and khazar religion is all druish, but they practice it in secrecy, only being revealed nowadays in the truther community, but before in hollywood movies for example.

this is the video i used for reference. i cant remember which of the ones i watched though. its also based on other videos and comments on bitchute.

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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