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so i was with my friend maria. someone asian-looking sits down near-ish us. maria in no second starts spouting chinese-racist remarks. miss asia was well-behaved, good looking, well-dressed, and creative. just so many good things in one it was incredible. but maria used her tractor-beam on her. eventually miss asia just says "i am actually from korea". i tried to stop maria once in this display of extreme stupid, but it was impossible. i also asked miss korea what she draws now? "eyes" "they are the window to the soul" i answer. she was pretty battered at that point, so she said some mean remark to me. the waitress, who was good to miss korea in the beginning, eventhough she was a first customer, says after she tries to leave "please keep your dress together". this is the story of bella. this is the story of tessa. this is the story of rhiannon. this is the story of kirin.

av Etletlien (ris och ros)

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