Axis of evil

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Axis of evil


so. as you might have noticed by now, a lot of bitchute comments blame it all on one religion in particular. "its a lot deeper than the nigga on your block" as immortal technique says. so this is a response to that. basically, if one talks about a triangle of evil - its the masons, the khazars, and the crusaders.


to get more detailed - basically, the oldest form of human life on earth, belongs to the atlanteans. atlantis was a real continent, many many moons ago. story has, that it sunk. before that happened though, they all fled to mars. then, as we humans are dumb, we ruined mars as well. so, some 40 000 years ago, the atlanteans returned to earth, or more specifically, egypt.

there, they built the pyramids, and also began going all over the earth, killing and raping (some say genetically engineering) the peaceful humanoid monkeys. in atlantis, a guy called THOTH wrote something very particular. on huge pieces of emerald, making the first "bible". it wasnt many letters or words, but they were all enchanted, and was meant to read more deeply than just parts of a whole. personally, ive only read a detailing of tablet number two. its way deeper, far beyond anything youve ever heard of though. if you check your library or online bookstore, youll find several interpretations of the tablets.

so, part 2 was about what happens when you die. the thing is, you end up meeting the gatekeepers. these are the main gods of the major religions of the world. theyre about a dozen. although youre supposed to be a supreme being of light, only delving in truth and beauty to get past all of them, it is possible to do it another way. if youre a psychopath, you can fool them. the thing is, the 12th step is where EDEN is. and there youll be fooled instead. like, say.. a serpent comes along and says "take a bite of this tasty apple", which youll do then. and the supreme entity of the universe will get pissed, and cast you into hell, until the universe rebirths.

according to hindu scientists, we are already in anti-kalis world. so its only a couple of billion years left, until the heat-death or the like of the universe. but if you cheat, and get in hell, youll be punished and have to work for satan, for some billion years.

so.. dont be a psycho, dont be liar, dont be a bully, dont be manipulative, dont be lazy, dont be a thief - it might seem easy in this life, but it wont be in the next. be creative, be naturally beautiful, be truthful, be honest, be pure.

one note is that the commandments of ancient egypt, specifically say that THOU SHALT NOT LIE. strange how christianity missed that part - the whole religion would tumble into the ground if it was added.

not to forget, the reason the most powerful folk of egypt were called masons- because who had diplomatic immunity in the whole world. they built holy places. and according to the story of the seal of solomon - JHWH himself evidently gave a guy a ring, with which he could ward of demons, but also control them.

so what he did, was make blueprints for a church, cathedral, synagogue, temple - or whatever. then he summoned up demons, and they built it for him. it was probably more complicated than that, like having to do with blood sacrifice, opening a portal with a lot of other high priests, and the like. but thats how all holy places in the world were built, in the ancient days.


then we go to the second oldest mass of people trying to control the world - the babylonians. they set up shop in modern day iraq about 5000 years ago. they have history, mythology and power stored in the clay tablets. not quite as hightech as using emerald, but they have stood the test of time.

i have met a guy from this region, and he told me, that when he was a little kid, he got raped by his entire family. now, families from old places, are a lot, im talking a 100 persons easily. while i thought i had the worst and strongest anxiety in the world, this guy takes the cake. he has anxiety for weeks, if not months. one time his dad said "you have mold growing from your hair!".

this guy though is a great musician, and also an able marathon runner. i have some suspicion that ive met his sister, and i suspect even more, that she was not given this treatment. she was always radiant and happy, and told me "theres no such thing as right and wrong", and also a talented musician, too.

so, to cut it short, mesopotamia is the home of the strongest patriarchy on earth. the iraqians though, being a nomadic turkish people, called "huns", migrated north. to what in modern time is called ukraine, but back then they were khazarians. that place is really the bomb, because its right in the center of euroasia. this allowed them to trade with russia, europe, asia, and the middle east. and thusly amassed great amoutns of wealth and power.

now, opinions cross on this subject. evidently, the official narrative, is that the middle east was pissed off at them, and they told them they had to choose between changing their religion - to christianity, islam or judiasm, and they evidently chose the last. more likely though, as this happened 1000 AD, is that they got invaded by the crusaders.

like any country that get taken over by an alien force, they kept large parts of their traditions. on the outside, they were peaceful jews, but on the inside, they practiced blood sacrifice and ancient annunaki black magic. as told by the fall of the cabal bitchute channel, there was this place in khazaria - that if 2 people met there, they exchanged bodies. or the bodies exchanged souls, what have you.

later on, they probably harnessed this power, to be able to do it anywhere. most high up power people in this world also have body doubles, gaddafi of libya is said to have had 12. fidel castro of cuba, probably had a lot more, what with america trying to kill him over and over, during the decades.

as we see in the world since 2020, strangely enough - no matter the political spectrum of the leaders, the previous morals of doctors and nurses, and the choosing to report on news and not dabble in propaganda - now, everyone thinks and says the same thing.

especially on the part of blood sacrifice, it is said that one human body - the younger the better, the vampires favorites are aborted fetuses - is worth up to 100 million USD. now, if all those with any sort of power, influence or talent, have delved into this practice, theyre LOADED by now.

as for the powers they get from this, especially by the intaking of adrenochrome, we can only begin to understand it. the thing is though, if you have BILLIONS against you, you cant just smoke a joint, go on TV, do your thing, and be done with it. you need something stronger.

i know for a fact now, that the greatest drug pushers in this world, are.. quite logically: big pharma - or as they were called before, the drug-companies. they make the drugs in third world countries, where the working conditions are worse, than chinese people making frozen chicken filets, or dirty jeans for us. then they distribute them across the world.

another fact is, that the psychiatric companies, THEMSELVES, obviously, take drugs too. the lower peons, are treated with cocaine: they either smoke it, snort it, inject it, or make this substance which looks a whole lot like coffee (called "fultjack" in swedish), cooked from crack cocaine crystals. then, when we get higher up, they drink 96% pure ethanol. higher up, liquid LSD - which is how they know EVERYTHING about you, all the time - the drug makes them ominscient. and the highest up doctors, quite likely delve in adrenochrome.

this goes for the media, music, stock, news, etc industry as well. how do they get their ideas? alcohol, unless its 96%, is for losers. cocaine is RAMPANT there. the thing is though, you dont really get any good imagination out of it - rather rampant paranoia, way beyond a bad trip of home-made haschish. cocaine inhibits the sympathetic nervous system, so they lose all their sense of empathy, and only think in matter of the pyramid scheme. that, and sex. if you had any idea how HORNY the psychiatric staff is, all across the board, youd be shocked. and in the music industry, theres all those stories of huge orgies at DJ parties, and the like.

ive only had one psychologist ever. i suppose they wanted to teach me a deep lesson. unlike lower psychiatric staff, they have to do a psychological evaluation. the one i got, was, i realize now, after years of thinking badly about her, bipolar (or a junkie). i mean, as i think back, it was SO obvious. one day, shes serious as hell, the next day, she flirts every second. luckely enough, i have never had sex with a plethora of neither ordinary people nor psychiatric staff. ive only been in bed with 2 - women, in total. and thats enough for me.


alright! lets go to the third part of the triarchy of EVIL. ive never heard much about judaism, except they were killed a lot, and expelled from many, many countries. to say it once again: khazarians are not jews, they are mesopotamians. you have to dig deep, to really understand whats going on. so, in 1000 AD, there came direct orders from the highest powers in isreal, that they were to summon a great amount of militaries, and go on a killing spree across the middle east and europe - to enact a muslim holocaust, to say it with other words.

the thing is, egypt is actually said to belong to asia minor, or the middle east. since far back, theyve spoken arabic, and have had the religion of islam. the same goes for the whole eastcoast of africa, and the northern part too. but the muslims went beyond that. they travelled from marocco, to the south of spain. and there, they lived in peace with everyone.

so, for a couple of 100 years, coindicing with the vikings barbarian routes of the world, southern spain was the MECCA of culture. jews, persians, greeks - people from all over europe, the middle east and africa - came there, to write books together, and to translate newer and older works, to many different languages. this information ive gathered from a tiny book, without a fancy cover - called "our arabic inheritance" (vårt arabisk arv). the thing is, if the arabs hadnt translated REALLY old books, wed have known nothing about ancient greece and its philosphers, and much modern knowledge, wisdom, mathematics, typography, philosphy, and more - would have been lost forever.

well, that almost happened, as the crusaders eradicated the muslims from europe, they also burned on the likes of 27000 books in southern spain. some books, though, still managed to survive. before corona, you might remember, although everyone seems to have forgotten it by now - for 19 years, between 2001 and 2020, the news were of one sort, and one sort only, "muslims are bad people".

if anything, the muslims werent part of the axis of evil, they refused the new world order, and much of the rest of the western worlds philosophy and multi-billion dollar companies. this changed eventually though. but think about it, whats worse - a 100 suicide bombers killing a 1000 people in total, or the nuclear bombs over hiroshima and nagasaki? not to mention, that america has invaded, bombed and stolen the oil and resources from large parts of the entire world.

id like to mention something. something important. i dont believe in satanism. or that someone is inherently evil, and nothing else. everyone has a passion, everyone has a heart, something or someone they burn for. as ive mentioned in previous casts, the nanochip has mainly done good things for me. maybe the programable currency of the future wont be that bad. who knows?

i, for one, welcome our cyberdracoid overlords. i long for the day i can upload my soul and brains into the cloud. and not have to delve in material duties - such as keeping fresh, being "extra-nice to everyone" (who really hates your guts), making money, working boring jobs, buying useless things, exercising, eating and cooking (nutricious) food, having feelings, thinking about sex, taking care of my apartment - and the like.

so, when people talk about "black magic" theyre missing half of it. i have personally seen and experienced a person making water from a tap HOLY. the illuminati, which is the mafia as well, an anciently practiced religion - also use alchemy. maybe not everyone can turn things into gold. what i do know, is that by using 3 simple ingredients - these days - water, sugar and salt - they can make any substance on earth.

and thats only a small part of their powers. they can, for example, also make you free from any pain and suffering. i was actually promised this, but i turned it down - as i was hooked on neuroleptics, and it would probably have had the opposite effect. well, who knows? the world (my ego illusion, paralell universe theory) might have looked different then.

this is a completely different version, of what i talked about in the cast. id like to mention though, that when you have multiple things to talk about, and go on tangents, its really hard to keep up with, what you said, and what you were supposed to say. still, one hour, or this text version - enjoy!

av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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