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"saying shit on the internet" - immortal technique

"if one is something one need not do anything, and one none-the-less does very much. beyond the productive man is yet a higher species" - nietzsche

"charities are like the mafia. they sit on their stockpile of money, yet they still want more. they steal it from the common man, whose never done anything wrong, beyond being poor and naive" - LIVEAID documentary

bill gates was your philanthropy inspiration right?

"lol motherfucker you fuck your mom omfg losers!!!!!!!" (some old post of yours i cant find)

thats not astral projection, thats projection!

"i come from a family of intellectuals"

oh really? i heard your mom is a whore.

your race hasnt evolved for the past 500 years. you were at a pretty high frequency already, but it hasnt gone beyond that. your pomposity reflects all latino men. they think they own the world, and can act any way they want. far worse than white privilege.

(just feel lucky you werent born a woman. latinas are the worst drugabusers on the planet. its just, after a mere 2 decades of this practice, they reach their menopause, and their perfect figure turns into a complete joke)

to say it once again: no, youre not darker than sicily. how could you compare, to a culture, which, at any time, can just cease and exist, entirely, in an instance?

hey, you done any concerts in sicily already? in irkutskt? black metal bands have. youre not even darker than northern europe.

be proud of your german heritage. start quoting nietzsche already, ffs!

this could present some problems

1) hes german = hes a nazi

2) his names first 2 letters are the same as "nihilism". nevermind the fact that he condemned that religion. but did say it was needed, for society to reach a higher level. "you gotta break down, to build up" as one character in arkham asylum says.

3) his sister was a white supremacist. "neuva germania" in brazil, wtf?!

4) his sis convinced hitler to give every soldier in WW2 a copy of "thus spake zarathustra". didnt work. shoulda given them cigs instead. (and, yeah, he sort of condemned war)

"never try to argue with a fentanylist. theyll drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience!"

our whole continent got butchered 1000 years ago. you have no idea.

republicans think their religion is european, lol. and their saviours granddad just happens to be a rottschild. makes a fuckton of sense.

"saying shit on the internet"

you mean, like making up that youre gonna release the middle passage? you finished "cought in a hustle" in 2001. thats 2 decades too late already. my albums only take 3 months to create. but then again, im a legendary stamina taurus, not a pussy pisces, who pretends hes an aries. hey, if you dont hurry up, youre soon gonna break guns n roses record!

btw, congrats on sending that black panther ninja on my ass. shes a mental cripple though. sometimes when she screams incessantly and goes batshit all over the walls, i get sort of freaked out. but, hey.. #supportyourlocalsoyboy gotta love cig beggars. she owes me like 10 packs by now.

"you cannot hurt me", obviously, since i am a true cyberpunkangel now. big thumbs up for graphene!

youve never mentioned, if youve taken the vaccine or not. you obviously havent. hows that fake corona pass working out for ya? and youre too paranoid, to not think that the saline solution, they gave to biden, isnt the real deal. same level as schwab himself.

hey, if youre a raging alcoholic, then perma-schizophrenia is your only reality. needs to be paired with extremely desensitized sociopsychopathy, to be able to survive, though. youve managed that perfectly.

who disses the disser? gee, i wonder.. who makes a horrorcorist crawl into mamas tummy again? (im sure youd fit, lol)

av AkariHarakiri & EternityInterface (ris och ros)

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