Be careful what you wish for you might just get it

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so i got a friend
she had as much
anxiety as me
we connected
then we didnt have
anything to talk about
its weird that it
turns into that
we were the best
of friends for awhile
then she started asking
for food money things
i gave because i thought
there would be
something back
hell no
she still comes around
asking for the same shit
i cant understand how someone
whos gone through
so much torment
can be such a bad person
so she came around just now
i told her shes not my friend
you need to reciprocate
she just repeated
"re, re, re..."
in confusion
and walked away
with her head
in shame
its hard with
i thought
this was
for real
i guess its true
what they say
when you hit 40
everything goes
mental health
physical health
all of it
im at the point of no return
and theres no getting back
to how it was before bella
or with bella
its all

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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